Catherine Leach
Property settlements for business owners and partners, complex property settlements
Catherine is the Managing Director and founder of Leach Legal. She has worked in Family Law for over 25 years. Catherine started the firm in 2004 and has built it to be Perth's largest and leading Family Law firm. Her strong ambition to build the most significant Family Law firm in Perth drove her to join the global Entrepreneurs Organization, of which she became President of the Perth Chapter in 2018. Her regular contact with business owners of all types both locally and globally has given her a particular insight into business owners and the successful growing and running of a business. This insight is valuable when acting for business owners and their partners and Catherine has knowledge that can only be gained from hands on experience. Her wide circle of contacts in the local and global business community mean that she expert knowledge at her fingertips to benefit her clients. Catherine is the only Family Lawyer in Perth to solely found and grow a mid size law firm and in addition she has balanced her family and her two children. Her connections with business people world wide enable her to be exposed to new methods, new technology and new philosophies with a view to provide all clients with a more efficient and cost effective service. Catherine is trained in the alternate dispute resolution methods of arbitration, mediation and collaboration. She has also completed a Masters of Family Law and has obtained excellent outcomes for clients both through the Court process and using alternate resolution methods in a cost effective manner. Her strength lies in using her experience and training to plot a suitable strategy for her clients and then execute on that strategy to get them the best results.