Is Bestiality Illegal in Australia?

Short answer – no. Under no circumstances in any of the territories, states, or islands is the act of bestiality (sexual relations with an animal) legal.

Each region has a varying set of punishments based on the act under which the offence is set out, which we’ll get to now.

StateLegalityActPunishment (max)
VictoriaIllegalCrimes Act 19585 years prison
New South WalesIllegalCrimes Act 190014 years prison
QueenslandIllegalCriminal Code 18997 year prison
Western AustraliaIllegalCriminal Code Act 19137 year prison
South AustraliaIllegalCriminal Law Act 193510 years prison
TasmaniaIllegalCriminal Code Act 192421 years prison
Northern TerritoryIllegalCriminal Code Act 19833 years prison

Here’s a deeper explanation as to where you can find the relevant legislation and the penalties if you’re caught:

There you have it – clear laws from each Australian state and territory assigning the fact that any sexual relations with an animal is a criminal offence carrying a punishment of up to 21 years in some areas.

Bestiality Legality in Australian States

Notes: Carnal knowledge is just a fancy way of saying sexual intercourse. It’s known as a legal euphemism. Similar to one’s genitals being referred to as their person when we discussed having sex in public and it’s legality in Australia.

Lesson: In black and white terms – bestiality is 100% illegal in Australia, there’s no way around it.